MaleierkoorVR 8 april, Grote Zaal, Compagnietheater. Als onderdeel van het vrijdagavond openingsprogramma. (€20 Hele Avond, alle shows).

ZA 9 april, 13:20-14:10: Grote Zaal, Compagnietheater. €10

ZA 9 april, 20:30-21:20. Grote Zaal, Compagnietheater. As deel van het zaterdag Avondvoorstelling: Emo Adams & Kaap-Maleis Koor, Leslie Javan, Tribal Echo. (€15 Hele Avond, alle shows).

Kaap-Maleis koor met medewerking van Emo Adams & Shawn de Vries

A short Biography of the Cape Malay Choir Board

It was in 1939 that a group of far-sighted men got together in Wale street Cape Town. The results of this meeting was the formation of the Cape Malay Choir Board which started with eight Choirs, and grew rapidly through the years to about 30 plus under its jurisdiction.

This historic meeting was the culmination of months of discussions and deliberations followed by the first concert that set the tone for an annual event which are still active today. The idea of establishing a central organisation to foster and promote the traditional singing in the Cape Malay Community was realised and gave birth to a vibrant organisation the Cape Malay Choir Board.

Having weathered many storms and overcame the many challengers, this board today is the largest and most powerful organisations on the Country.

Seventy six years in the life of a cultural body is but a short time, yet contributions made over the years through upliftment of the community have been meritorious. The Board have gone from strength to strength.