Trippie_photoshoppedNicola Hanekom en Stian Bam

Regisseur: Jaco Bouwer

ZA 9 april, 14:30-15:20, ShowMax Kleine Zaal, Compagnietheater. Met na-gesprek direk na voorstelling.

ZO 10 april, 16:30-17:40, ShowMax Kleine Zaal, Compagnietheater. Met na-gesprek direk na voorstelling.


ZA 9 april, 11:00-12:30, Zuid-Afrikahuis. Theater Workshop met Nicola Hanekom


Wanneer een man een vreemde vrouw in de bus ontmoet, verandert zijn tripje in een reis door zijn hoofd en zijn ziel. Hij raakt ingesponnen door haar woorden en meegesleept door haar voorliefde voor appels. Trippie is een intiem drama over eenzaamheid en toeval. En een aanmaning om niet met vreemdelingen te praten.

Nicola Hanekom kreeg voor Die pad byster, waarin Trippie opgenomen is, de ATKV Eugène Marais prijs. Voor zijn vertolking van de mannelijke hoofdrol in de verfilming van het stuk kreeg Stian Bam de Silwerskerm-onderscheiding voor beste acteur, voor haar rol van de vrouw kreeg Nicola Hanekom de Silwerskerm-onderscheiding voor beste actrice.


“Deze bus mag je eenvoudig niet missen.’’ -Die Burger.

“Nicola Hanekom verbijstert je voor de zoveelste keer – behalve met haar tekst nu ook met haar spel. De teks is enorm rijk en aangrijpend… de rol van Bam is een van de aangrijpendse theatergebeurtenissen in lange tijd.’’ -Die Burger
Take a Karoo-‘Trippie’ with Nicola Hanekom at the Absa KKNK– By The Gremlin

Nicola Hanekom, award winning play writer, director and actress boasts with 12 Kanna awards over the past three years.

Hanekom’s productions Babbel in 2012, Lot in 2011 and Betésda in 2010 won her the Kanna award for Best Director each year. Last year Hanekom also walked away with the Kannas for Best Debút work, Best Mind Shifting Work as well as Best Theatre Production for Babbel.

Hanekom’s Trippie  promises to catch the attention again. This production takes place on a bus. The audience and two characters will physically go on a bus tour through the Karoo. Hanekom will however, not be sitting in the director’s chair as previous years but she will be one of two cast members, playing opposite Stian Bam. Jaco Bouwer is the director for this production.

Hanekom took five minutes from her busy schedule to talk to the Absa KKNK:

Where did you get your idea for Trippie?

I took part in a reading of an old play called The Dutchman. It was set in an old underground train. Not a real train, but a mock-up of one on stage. I thought it might be fun doing it on a real bus. I tried to translate the drama but there were many themes of racism in it. In the end I didn’t feel like that type of content. Then I thought to myself — why should I do someone else’s piece if I can write my own? I shouldn’t be lazy. The idea of a bus is very exciting to me because it’s so challenging —not only for the actors but also for the audience. There is no safety in the distance between the players and the audience. At times the actors are standing right next to you on the bus.

What can the audience expect?

It is a very small and intimate performance because there is only so much space on the bus. It’s also just the two of us playing, Stian Bam and me. We’re all going on this tour together, witnessing the two characters’ first encounter. We’re also driving through one of the most breathtaking landscapes of our country. Hopefully the audience will find the drama gripping and unpredictable. At times it will be funny and at times not. But think of it this way —if the audience doesn’t like the play they can always look outside the window —that alone is worth the price of the ticket.

For whom is this production intended?

For everyone (even though it’s not suitable for children due to the content). I always think of the whole world as my target audience. My mantra is —in the end everyone will discover that they do love theatre. I want to be part of that.

As a last word to the audience, Hanekom says: “For once it’s something different. Come with open ears and remember that you can’t walk out.”